This gentleman (and I am making a lot of presumptions when I say gentleman, since this person could be neither gentle nor man. Perhaps he’s a robot?) believes that gaming is heading in the direction of being entirely composed of online-only gaming. I think he’s probably right. I also think that his hesitations regarding this trend are completely founded. Personally, I fear the day that the Blizzard servers shut down forever, since I’ve sunk a lot of my hard-earned cash (okay, not really hard-earned, I basically just hang out and do what I want for a living) into those games and others like them. Online-only games are definitely going to require a change in how we think about what we’re buying and I believe he is correct in saying that it is more like renting that game. The worst trend (related to the one previously mentioned) is probably the one where you pay real money to invest in virtual upgrades for your accounts (like buying skins for League of Legends or any of the Blizzard pet store items). This economic model encourages people to invest their money in something which probably won’t exist in a few years, and often those $10 at-a-time purchases add up to a pretty significant investment in your account.

Rhoades to Madness

An all-new Sim City is dropping in a couple of weeks, so I figure I better get my affairs in order and say goodbye to friends and loved ones before it claims my life. I’ve played games in the Sim franchise since the day I got my first computer, from the original, all the way up through The Sims 2. I guess there’s just something about having nearly-limitless power to shape and control the lives of other (virtual) human beings that really lights my fire. I figure it’s only a matter of time before Dr. Killinger floats through the door with his Magical Murder Bag and tells me I was really meant to be a supervillain.

Dr. Killinger

The newest Sim City looks to have plenty of bells and whistles. A fully-3D engine means you can move and pan and juke and zoom that camera to your heart’s content. And not…

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  1. Perhaps I am a robot! Perhaps giving me that realization will trigger my latent homicidal programming and cause me to murder thousands of humans with my cold, steel pinchers, fueled exclusively by the blood that pours into my furiously whirling mechanisms.

    Or not. Who knows?

    I’d actually be down to spend real money on virtual items if –again– there was still a game left to be played years from now. I think in-game upgrades are a far more (potentially) creative and sustainable business practice than forcing the online-only philosophy.

    Imagine if you could buy a fancy top hat for Pac-Man and he would wear this fancy top hat whenever you played until you were 95 years old and you passed this fancy top hat-enabled account down unto your grandchildren like a treasured heirloom.

    Also: thanks for the reblog!

    • I love the idea of permanent in-game upgrades, (I hesitate to consider how much I’ve invested in my Blizzard account). Perhaps someday our rights to those digital purchases will be protected legally?

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