Apologies and Celebrations!

Okay, first of all, I’d like to apologize for my extended absence. Updates will be regular again once my semester is  over in two weeks. If you knew how many papers I have to write still, you’d be apologizing to me.

Secondly, I got my first rejection letter today from a literary mag. I started submitting for the first time ever six days ago, so getting a rejection six days out that wasn’t a form letter is a pretty big deal. I’m elated. There was mostly praise, a little constructive criticism, and a basic sense of humanity. Most importantly, my piece seems to have been rejected primarily for failing to adhere closely enough to the theme of their issue, which is the BEST REASON to be rejected ever, imo. So yeah, super fucking pumped.

Keep checking in here, and maybe you’ll be able to say you knew me when. Or I’ll be able to at least make myself feel better because I have some followers on an obscure blog.

Happy finals week!