Vag and Video Tuesday Returns!

Alright, I’m back, and this post is going to be a little unusual. Even by my standards – or especially by my standards. First, I’d like to thank all my new subscribers. You like me, you really like me.

Now that that’s out of the way, I have a little confession. Just a teeny, tiny, little confession. It’s hardly worth mentioning. You probably don’t even care: I fell off the wagon. I’m back into the crack, the world of warcrack, that is.

Yep, I’m back to playing the WoW. Try not to be alarmed, I have no intention of raiding again. I’m just enjoying the view while I level my lowbies. Remember when that was something enjoyable? Something you actually did while breathing easy and had no goals in sight? Well, I may be lying a little, I’m leveling my lowbies in an attempt to get my loremaster achievements. (For those of you who follow me because of the writing stuff, today is not your post). Mostly, though, I’m enjoying playing WoW the way that I played during BC. I’m playing it the way that I play Skyrim (earmuffs, I’m about to say a dirty word) casually. 


Casual gaming is only for people who can’t handle a cumshot to the chest without having a heart attack.

In all seriousness, though, it’s serene. The music in The Barrens brings me back to a simpler time. The year was 2008 and I was just a level 15 Blood Elf Mage, without a care in the world, and a convenient recruit-a-friend teleporter so that I didn’t have to actually run places.


This is what I look like when I run in real life.

Sadly, Barrens chat is no longer home to the best Chuck Norris jokes 4Chan can imagine. Let’s all take a moment of silence to mourn what The Cataclysm did to that beautiful, beautiful world.

Now, I’m going to interrupt this post for a brief PSA. The Strip Search reality series hosted by Penny Arcade is amazing and the finale is on tonight at 10:30 PM EST.

Seriously, watch that shit. It’s amazing.


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