Why Richard Swier’s Attack on Speak is Detrimental to Society

It’s a day late, and I have very little to say on the subject which has not already been covered by this article. Happy Sexism Sunday! (On Monday).

I found Speak while I was in high school and it was one of those experiences I had in which I felt I was supremely lucky to find exactly the right book at exactly the right time to tell me exactly what I needed. Of course, now it’s on the curricula at many high schools, as it appropriately should be.

What Not to Read: Bray and Books

Parents at Laurel Nokomis Middle School in Sarasota, Florida became outraged when they learned their children were reading the child pornography book Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. Speak is about a 13-year old being raped. –Dr. Richard Swier

I made a vow to myself when I started this blog that no matter what the temptation might be, I will not stray from the purpose this blog was original set up for. I have personal blogs to discuss politics, movies, and education outside of the reading spectrum, and as such I wanted to keep Bray and Books strictly about fostering the love of reading through interviews, book reviews, and video blogs all centered around books. It’s a relatively simple task for somebody such as myself, as I am very passionate about my reading (and hope to one day invoke a passion for reading in my students once I have students). Unfortunately…

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