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Bray and Books

Tracy is a recent graduate from the State University at New Paltz. She has her masters in education. Currently she spends her time working with children with disabilities, reading, and blogging about the books she reads. She is a YA novel enthusiast, fan of superheroes, and a self-proclaimed geek.

Crates and Ribbons

I believe in an equal society free from oppression, where discrimination on the grounds of gender, race and sexuality will be non-existent. I believe in the right of the individual to grow up unhampered by prescribed roles. I believe in freedom from religious tyranny; I believe in independent thought. I believe in clarity of vision, and the courage to speak out about it. I believe that words can lead to change.


Feministing is an online community for feminists and their allies. The community aspect of Feministing – their community blogcampus blog, comment threads, and related social networking sites – exist to better connect feminists online and off, and to encourage activism. They hope that the Feministing community will provide a forum for a variety of feminist voices and organizations.

Finally, a Feminism 101 Blog

Ms. Magazine Blog

Ms. was the first national magazine to make feminist voices audible, feminist journalism tenable, and a feminist worldview available to the public.

Today, the magazine remains an interactive enterprise in which an unusually diverse readership is simultaneously engaged with each other and the world. The modern Ms. boasts the most extensive coverage of international women’s issues of any magazine available in the United States.


Welcome to STATIC, a site for Stanford activists to connect and create.

Self-identified progressive activists are invited to write and submit pieces (journalistic, literary, creative, artistic, whatever!) that provide a progressive perspective. There’s also a list of active activist groups on campus, and a calendar of events. This is a place to put your critical thinking skills to use as you engage with the posts, poetry, and people that sustain this site. Not all content needs to be political, but it should reflect a creative resistance to the norm – a response to mainstream dialogue about communities, ideologies, politics, and action.

The Toast

The Toast is a daily blog that publishes features on everything from literary characters that never were to female pickpockets of Gold Rush-era San Francisco. The Toast is one of those mass-market science fiction paperbacks some used bookstores put out on the street in big press-board rolling carts, the kind with drawings of women in long white robes standing in front of a horizon with two or three moons on the cover.


Bossypants, Tina Fey (2011)
Finding the Movement
Anne Enke (2007)
Politics of Housework, Pat Mainardi (1970 )
Rumors of Our Progress Have Been Greatly ExaggeratedCarolyn Maloney (2008)
Sexual Politics
, Kate Millet (1968)

Essays and Articles

“I Want a Wife” – Judy Syfers
“Feminism Old Wave and New Wave” – Ellen DuBois
“The Bitch Manifesto” – Joreen
“Why Women Aren’t Welcome on the Internet” – Amanda Hess
“The Kissing Sailor, or the Selective Blindness of Rape Culture” (Crates and Ribbons)
“Why Richard Swier’s Attack on Speak is Detrimental to Society” (Bray and Books)
“Unblurring the Lines” – April Gregory

Please feel free to suggest any additional materials in the comments below!

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