If you would like to submit content to Vaginas and Video Games please email a fully-conceived pitch or completed piece to
Published submissions will receive a payment of no less than $5.00 via Paypal.
Vaginas and Video Games will hold no legal rights to submitted content.
Articles published here may be published elsewhere by the author without notice or permission from this site, however, the work must be published with a notice mentioning that it was originally published by Vaginas and Video Games.


  • Times or Arial font (Size 10 or 12 preferred)
  • Double spaced
  • Include name and contact information
  • Content should relate to gaming, feminism, or social awareness, and be respectful of others
  • Humor is encouraged
  • There is no hard or fast minimum length, but please make sure your idea is complete

Submissions may be edited before publication, and I may request that you re-write all or part of a submission before it can be published. All submissions will receive a response within one week. If you have not heard from me within that time, please follow-up with a query.

Submission to Vaginas and Video Games implies consent to the aforementioned terms.

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