Where were you when…?

St. Patty’s is one of those holidays that I have a bizarre recollection for where I was, and what I was doing, almost every year of my adult life – and it’s something of a way for me to gauge my growth. By which I mean, I’m not tripping over my friends, drooling on myself, or puking on a train today – and I definitely won’t have to deal with a complete stranger trying to feel me up.

But, I do think it’s a sad day when I didn’t think to at least pick myself up some Bailey’s for a nice, relaxed evening playing Minecraft. I hear Irish Coffee pairs perfectly with the monotony of hollowing out a gigantic mountain.Image


I told you it’s gigantic.

Woman’s Day Through Google Glass

This video gets a lot of things weirdly wrong, but it achieves its purpose: get people to react, to talk about it, and to acknowledge that domestic abuse is still a massive problem.

If the person you’re with is causing you chronic emotional or physical pain, you need to get out of that relationship. Period. It’s a lesson I needed to learn the hard way, and my heart aches for anyone else who hasn’t figured that out yet.